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After Impact

A DC/Marvel Crossover RP

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A DC/Marvel Crossover RP

with great power comes great responsibility

Like there had been many times before, there was a Crisis. This wasn't your grand-daddy's crisis, oh no, this was the world's greatest protectors, from different worlds and times, joining together to fight the foes no single hero could withstand. This was the next generations of heroes, the young ones, the sidekicks, the disenfranchised young mutants and those that call themselves "Legion," the runaways and the young avengers, fighting for a future none of them were sure they would live to see. Heroes, allies, friends, strangers--even mortal enemies--worked together to save all of existence.

They lost.

At least, they lost the battle, even if they won the war. All of existence was saved, but at a cost--the very fabric of space and time was damaged and the two worlds many of these heroes came from could no longer exist separately. As they had done once before, the beings known as the Living Tribunal and the Spectre merged the two universes, attempting to make them one for the sake of their survival, but this time? The merge was incomplete.

Two universes were combined, leaving galactic empires arguing over their borders as new civilizations infringed on their space. Two worlds with disparate histories were joined together into one, leaving the new population confused and terrified. Cities appeared where, for some, cities had never been before. The population of the world doubled overnight, even if this population growth was offset by the catastrophic deaths of millions in the Crisis.

This is a world where mutants are both accepted and reviled, where the populace loves and hates its heroes. This is a a world where countries war over the land and resources they both rightfully own, and attempt to establish authority over new populations of people. This is a world where heroes will make new alliances--because villains will do the same and take advantage of the chaos to become the worst threats imaginable.

As the heroes are blasted back to Earth through time and space from the fight that shook the very foundations of the Omniverse, they will find themselves in this strange, new world, with only the vaguest recollection of what happened during that fateful battle. This world in turmoil needs its heroes.

And until social order is restored, until two populations of people learn to coexist peacefully, until the forces of justice learn to work together against the burgeoning forces of evil, those heroes are going to be busy.

So get ready to save the day, hero--the never-ending battle goes on.

about the game

After Impact is a DC/Marvel Comics Crossover game. The premise behind the game is that the Marvel and DC universes have been combined in a great and terrible catastrophe that characters will slowly regain their memories of as time goes on. This new world is not like it was in Amalgam comics, where characters were crammed together with other characters to become new people, nor has history been changed so that both worlds always were one--everyone in this new world is acutely aware of the fact that their world has now changed and is not what it once was. In fact, some of the heroes might now even recall times they had teamed up before, such as in JLA/Avengers and DC vs. Marvel.

This means that all the comics characters in the game will be the original universe versions, fresh from the comics, that remember the DC and Marvel universes as they were before the Crisis, just like everyone else. Due to the nature of the Crisis, many of the heroes are lost in time, and are currently missing. Their entrances to the game will be their initial return from being lost in the timestream.

The heroes will have to first restore social order, and keep the world from collapsing into total chaos, and then have to establish a new status quo. They'll have to learn to work together with new heroes and new teams, determine who has authority where, and learn to fight new villains. Some might start searching for a way to restore the worlds to what they once were, or to mitigate the effects of overpopulation. In many ways, this is a post-apocalyptic superhero game--while they managed to save the worlds, the sheer devastation in the aftermath is their new enemy. It's a very different kind of fight for humanity's survival.

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