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After Impact

A DC/Marvel Crossover RP

The World Needs Heroes

The Two Angry Bros

"In the name of the best within you, do not sacrifice this world to those who are its worst."




Current Game Goals:

- have superteams formed
- Have superteams introduced to the public.
- start open plotting

July 31st, 2011

As a member of the Young Allies, Coat of Arms received a substantial paycheck, but she still kept her job at Walmart. She didn't know how long she could play the part of hero and it was safer to have a fallback plan. Besides, she'd worked hard to land this job. It would be the waste of a good identity to just walk away now.

That was what she kept telling herself every time one of the customers tried to leave without paying. Or spilled something. Or tried to make small talk.

When her shift was done she opened the doors and paused just outside. Just a moment to relish the feeling of the fresh air hitting her face. Fresh air... smelled a lot like dirty hobo. Oh right, that's because there was one sitting right by her. He'd been there all week. She was beginning to fear he would never leave.

July 7th, 2011


Cassie had come a long way since running away from home, hanging out with Danny in an abandoned building, and getting kidnapped by Nate. She hadn't seen her aunt and uncle since her father died and they were more than happy to take her in. It was almost like old times- except for the fact that she was a teenager instead of a young kid. Things were settling down. She wasn't exactly happy but she was close.

The bruise on her face was mostly gone. Her thinking was still slow but she was fit enough to wear her Stature costume. She was planning on retiring it but first she needed to get something.

She'd been looking for the Punisher for several days. She knew it was a stupid, crazy thing to do, especially on her own. But this was personal. Besides she could take care of herself. Unless she littered or something.

Note to self: Don't litter around the Punisher.

July 4th, 2011

In the cold of space, a figure clad in white and gold silently mediated, surrounded by a fiery, bird-shaped corona. In front of her, the sun burned as brightly as it ever had, though its heat had no effect on her. Instead, she was protected by the warm cocoon of the Phoenix, which let out a caw every once in awhile as the woman encased in the middle of its blazing form concentrated. A short while had passed since Jean Grey had appeared on this merged world, somehow reborn from the grave, and once more joined with the Phoenix Force. She still hadn't figured out the whats and the whys of it, but she was coming to realize that instead of questioning that, perhaps it would be better if she just went with it, and let things play out as they inevitably would. Jean had become used to the cycle of death and rebirth that her life had taken, and so she no longer feared what the future held, though she would at least like some sort of a hint as to what was next. Not that anyone could have predicted this merging of worlds, Jean thought to herself. There are so many still missing, she added, thinking of those friends of hers who still hadn't appeared. Scott. Ororo. Kitty. Jean frowned. Even Emma.

Jean lifted herself out of the lotus position that she had been in and turned away from the sun. Above her, she heard the Phoenix caw once more. It wanted to fly. Jean understood that. She wanted to fly, as well, to explore, to learn of this new world. From here, so far away from Earth, everything seemed as it should have been, but when she reached out with her consciousness, she could instinctively tell that things were different. Reality had changed at its most fundamental level. On Mars, Jean could feel a dead civilization which had not been there before the universes at merged. She could tell that there were other planets out there - lives which had not existed on her world previously. Everything has changed on a fundamental level.

She turned and went back towards Earth. And yet, still is so much the same. After all, the villains still did their thing. Crime still happened. People still fell in love, got married, had children. Some people lost their jobs, others got promotions. Jean half-smiled to herself, thinking of the French author Alphonse Karr. The more things change, the more they change the same. Yes. I can agree that the quote is indeed true.

A couple of hours later, Jean came down in the New York City, just in time to stop - of all things - a bank robbery. You'd think with the advent of the internet, that things like this would have become less commonplace. Then again, the more things change... She turned her attention to the robbers and telekinetically held them in place, while telepathically nudging a nearby police car to come over and arrest the two thieves. No fancy fireworks or anything. She didn't want to give the Phoenix too much leeway to go crazy again. Not that she knew if it would, but the last thing this new world needed was Jean taking any chances with a power that could potentially rend the entire universe apart. She didn't pay attention to the citizens around her who either gazed at her in awe or ran screaming from the scene. She was just glad that no anti-mutant protesters tried to attack her while she waited for the police.

She was gone right before the police arrived, though, walking around a corner, arranging her molecules into a far more casual outfit. She had, she realized, some thinking to do, and a direction to find. She couldn't quite decide on what that would be, though.

June 10th, 2011

Bat Judgement

It's raining. Of course it'd be raining when the weather didn't say so. Probably one of the superpowered clowns in the city trying to put out a dragon or something. It was a little late for most of them to be out, and none of them seemed to be around Gotham.

Why anyone would walk around in Gotham at this time of night is anybody's guess. Especially one who moves slowly, as if his joints were paining him, and with slight streaks of grey in his hair. However, there's only one real reason for a trio of burly young men to be following him so closely. A fourth waits in an alley, only to spring out when the old man draws close, snapping out a switchblade. "Hand over your money, old man! Before I give you a fuckin' second mouth!"

Hoots and hollering from the other three echo off the walls. The old man sighs, pulling his raincoat tighter around him as if he hadn't heard the clown. Only to step back a bit when the punk slashes at him. The trio behind him step close enough to touch.

And Frank Castle just sighs as he glances over his shoulder at the other three. "And the day had been going so well..."
Scattered about a coffee table are drawings. A few sketches, a bit of the skyline, some doodles, a detailed drawing of a rose, and... Comic book pages. Un-inked, un-colored, but undeniably paneled out like a comic book. Some of them are obviously rather old, while others are brand new.

And the artist himself is sitting in a chair, talking on a phone. "I'm certain you are, but I repeat that I really don't have the time to put myself on a monthly schedule like you're asking." Steve leans forward. He's semi-casual, his kite shield leaning against a chair and a white T-shirt with the bottom half to his uniform. His mail shirt and mask are draped over another chair. "Yes, I'm sorry about that. I could probably get them to you on a bi-monthly schedule... Even with the way things have been, sixty-four pages-" He frowns and sits up. "Are you okay? Oh. Just laughing? It's those cigars. I warned you about them."

Steve leans back, pinching the bridge of his nose. "I wouldn't have to draw that many, huh? All right. And, as we said, fifty percent of it, as well as all of my pay, goes to charity? Okay. Well, I'd have to ask him how he feels about it. If I were you, I'd suggest looking at other comics you think my style would fit if he says no. All right. It was nice talking to you, Stan. Give my love to Joan." He hangs up and leans back, holding a sketch up to the light. Just a quick one, but of a man half the world viewed as representing Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

It's going to be very awkward working with Superman if this deal goes through.

June 9th, 2011

X-23 didn't get out much. She didn't leave the building at all except for missions. She had finally proved cooperative enough that they let her roam outside her room- always within a limited area. She was sure that they were watching her much more closely while she had this "privilege" than when she was locked in her room. But she wasn't wasting her time. She had made careful note of the layout of the rooms she had access to. One day she would be able to use that information.

But today, or rather tonight, was different. She had followed Match's scent to his room and sat by his bed, perfectly still, perfectly silent, just watching.

June 8th, 2011

The Kane building was located in what, up until the Impact, had been one of Gotham City's trendier districts. While it was still located in that kind of a place, it was also warring with parts of Manhattan and New Troy for prime real estate. But, Jan had fallen in love with the building at first sight - all of the large windows, the view, the tree growing through the middle of the building - and she'd decided that she needed to live there. It was just so pleasing, and it would certainly get her out of the Baxter Building and into her own private space, which she felt she needed.

Not that that had stopped Jan from dragging Hank - who also needed his own space - out from his lab for awhile, for lunch, and to show him her new digs. Not that she'd told him she'd bought it for herself yet.

She hoped he liked it, honestly, with it's two oversized bedrooms, office-slash-library, large living room (at the center of which was a conversation pit - perfect for entertaining!) and state of the art kitchen. It had fetched quite a good price too, which she couldn't complain about.

"Well?" she asked excitedly after ushering Hank in. She looked at him with bright, excited eyes. "Isn't it gorgeous?"

June 7th, 2011

The last thing that Cassandra Sandsmark remembered before popping into existence above the skyline of - When did Disneyland build a New England Adventure theme park? - was going to Mohenjo-daro with the Titans to find Solstice's parents. From there, one thing had led to another and now she was... No, really, where am I? She'd already stopped her fall down towards the Earth and was floating under her own power, surveying the cluster-mess of a city below her. The Daily Planet building was literally a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Gotham Gazette building. And what the heck was the Daily Bugle?

Cassie frowned.

Please tell me Alexander Luthor isn't trying to mess with reality again. Because whatever this was, she knew, in her heart of hearts, that it wasn't related to the mess with Solstice. Which, really, can't mean anything good. Her blazing golden lariat at the ready, Cassie slowly descended down into the city, her eyes and ears open wide for, well, anything.

June 2nd, 2011

This takes place before the Casstrophe, but after Jan's talk with Hank.

Janet van Dyne smoothed down the the lower half of her latest creation - a cap-sleeved, fitted jumpsuit that she wasn't all too fond of, but which had been a pretty get destressor - and turned in front of the mirror. She wasn't actually sure why jumpsuits were trendy again, but she knew that the trend could only lead to the horrible floral-patterned, lace-collared, button down ankle-length dresses of the early nineties - the ones that were always worn with poufy hair and penny loafers.

She frowned.

I have to stop that from happening, she considered as she gave herself one last twirl.

Now that she was done with her final project, though, her conversation with Hank had unfurled itself in her mind once more, and it was something that she wasn't all too keen to think about. Maybe if I designed an evening gown... She bit her lip. No. I need to get out. Find a friend. Have some girl time. But who... Jan's eyes lit up with an idea, then. Wanda!

With that in mind - and really, they had a lot to talk about anyway - she shrank down to wasp-size and flitted out of the room she'd been staying at in the Baxter Building - I have to do something about that, too! - and went in search of her old friend.

May 31st, 2011

(no subject)

It hadn't taken long for the Defenders to mobilize after Songbird and Daniel had shown up on their doorstep and explain the situation. They had been looking for Cassie ever since she'd run away from home anyway, and the news that she had been kidnapped by Iron Man... Well, it wasn't welcome, but it at least told them where she was.

A brief conversation had passed, and they had decided to send Captain America, Superman, and Blue Beetle as a non-threatening diplomatic group. Enough to get out of a rough situation if some of the villainous Avengers wanted to start a fight, but smart and polite enough not to start anything. And with as media-savvy as Osborn was, they couldn't risk a wrong word.

As soon as they'd arrived, the man's secretary had told them to sit and wait for Osborn to finish his meeting. It irritated Steve, especially since he was sitting across from the picture of Gladiator with his shield. The entire situation irritated him, really. Having to come and act polite to supervillains, standing in the tower that was once his home, worrying about one of his friend's children who may or may not have been kidnapped...

He swallows that irritation, though. Patience. Patience was the key here. Cap adjusts his shield straps and looks at Superman. He had to admit, the Man of Steel was much more impressive in person. Superman reminded him a little of Thor in his quieter moments, really. He glances over to Blue Beetle, checking to be sure that the boy doesn't seem too nervous.
Coat of Arms stood to the side. She was close to Tommy but far enough away that she could watch everyone.

The Young Allies had been thrown into chaos since their first training day. Stature had left the team, apparently for good. They found out later she had done the same to her family. The revelation sent some members of the team into a frenzy as they tried to find her. Then today Hollow and the former Thunderbolts member, Songbird, had dropped by to tell them Stature had been kidnapped by none other than Iron Man. The new Iron Man, of course.

In the end Captain America, Superman, and the Blue Beetle went to the Avengers Tower to sort things out. There was nothing for the Young Allies to do but wait.

Personally, Coat wished she had popcorn.

The Shield

The S was always shaped like an S-shield, and the letters swooped and dropped and rose jaggedly. It started showing up in quiet a few places, gaining popularity, with slightly different spins on its design. Much like "Frodo Lives," "Kilroy was here," or "Clapton is god," it was somewhat memetic in its nature, taking on a life of its own.

It showed up enough to get commentary on a few blogs and even wikipedia, which was what pinged on one of Tim's running searches on the Batcomputer.

The screen suddenly blinked with a notice of search results, with pictures of multiple incarnations of it. In the pictures, spray-painted in various colors, often with a similar design, were the words:


May 30th, 2011

There's usually a point when the adrenaline wears off, when the euphoria of the moment fades, and you come crashing down to earth. For Nate and Cassie, that point came and went several long hours ago.

He had mostly given her some space, giving her some time to get her thoughts together. Now he was standing on the terrace, leaning against the railing, and busy getting his thoughts together.

Norman had told him that Cassie was free to stay at the Tower as long as she wanted, but he knew that wasn't a possibility, especially with how she felt about the Avengers. What her other options were, though, he didn't know. All he knew was that she wasn't going to go back to her parents, and he wasn't going to let her be homeless.

They were gonna have to figure something out.

May 28th, 2011

Match had finally behaved well enough to be allowed to stay at Avengers Tower again. Not that it was much of an upgrade, but they were a little looser with the leash there, the food was better, and the relative privacy alone was worth something. No trainers, none of the commanding officers, just Osborn.

Who...was just as bad, but at least he tended to leave him alone on his downtime.

Just like before, he avoided the other Avengers on general principle, and at most talked to Superwoman and Hope. Hope was the one he talked to most.

He was sitting in his room now, as he always did between missions, just letting his mind go blank as it often did. There was only so much staring at walls you could get up to before you learned how to just shut things off. Now that he could go read a book or watch a movie or something of the sort, the thought didn't even really occur to him--but then, that'd been their intention all along. They had a machine on their hands now. A biological machine that was their puppet superhero--a fresh-faced Avenger and black ops assassin in one.

Said machine sat in an empty room, his back to the door, and stared at the wall in the dark.

May 27th, 2011

After arriving at the Baxter Building with the other Defenders, Pym had asked for more information. He had tracked down Richards's notes and then locked himself inside one of the labs. And that's where he'd stayed for over 24 hours. There were no signs that was going to change any time soon.

He been working, at least off and on but for once in Henry Pym's life, history held greater importance over science. The other world's history. The history of his world. And his own history- what was, to him, his future.

What he found horrified him.

May 26th, 2011

It had been several days since Cassie ran away. She had left a message on Teddy's phone telling him that she was all right and not to worry about her or look for her. Of course, she knew he would anyway, but she had to tell him something.

She'd spent most of the first two days sleeping. By the third day she could think more clearly and the pain in her head let up enough that she left Danny's home. She let her hair down, not to hide her identity but to cover the swollen side of her face. Her bruised face did all the hiding she needed. The only people she had to worry about recognizing her were her close friends. And she could avoid them if she had to, if not at first then after a confrontation.

Her plan for the day? See if a nearby library was open.

May 17th, 2011

I need a hero

Sofia was lost. Again.

Even before the collision, Sofia hadn't been able to explore New York City very often. The teachers at Xavier's didn't like to let them out without supervision. The only area she knew very well was the one around the Grindstone. She had hoped to be able to see more of the city over the summer while she stayed with Laurie but things didn't work out that way. Or perhaps they had and she just didn't remember it.

She set out several times to acquaint herself with the two merged cities and each time ended the same way. Her lost and confused and eventually calling Jubilee to ask for directions. She was determined that this expedition would not end the same way.

She went into a grocery store, planning on pausing to get her bearings- but the moment she walked through the door all her plans changed. Two men wearing ski masks and holding guns were in the middle of holding up the store. Along with the money the cashier was putting into their bag, they had also stolen food, hygiene products, shirts (along with some more valuable items)- it was a tough time for everyone. But that didn't mean they had to steal the money.

They hadn't trained for this specific scenario but she was a New Mutant. She couldn't stand by and do nothing.

One sudden burst of wind blew away most of the money, as well as some of the items they were holding.

"What the hell?"

They all turned to look at Sofia.

One of the robbers laughed. "Another wannabe superhero. This one doesn't even have a uniform."

"Yeah, but she's got great tits."


"She does!"

Sofia narrowed her eyes and "Bob" got compressed air in his ear drum. He leaned on the counter.

"The hell did you do to him?" The other robber turned his gun on Sofia.

...Obviously she had not thought this through.

April 21st, 2011

The righteous fury only lasted half of the way home. The second half was full of a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach. What had she done? The Defenders were the only good superheroes out there. Teddy and Sarah were there, so were people she thought of as family. How could she just walk away from them?

And then there was money. As much as Blake hated it, there was no denying that she was the breadwinner of the family. Or at least she had been. If she left now there was nothing. Just her mom’s job. They’d been through so much and now they had another mouth to feed. On next to nothing. What was she supposed to tell them? That she got her feelings hurt and now she was quitting?

But she did know one thing. She knew she couldn’t turn back. Not after storming out like that. And NOT after what Tommy had said. Besides, she didn’t sign up to be a hero so she could take orders from a super villain. If she’d wanted that she would have signed up with Osborn’s Avengers. At least then she’d have Nate.
Warning for domestic violence/child abuseCollapse )

April 13th, 2011

The last thing that Kate Kane remembered was her cousin Bette standing in front of her dressed in a red and gold costume, with a determined look on her face. "I want in," she'd said. The next thing she knew, Kate was hovering in mid-air for a split-second before diving down towards the ground - which seemed to be a good ways down. Kate panicked for all of a moment before she realized that, somehow, she was dressed in her Batwoman gear.

Her red lips parted in a smile as she reached into her utility belt and pulled out a red and black military-grade grappling hook that had a distinct bat-motif to it. Kate steeled herself and aimed for a nearby building. The grappling hook shot out and soared up as she plummted towards the ground. She heard a familiar crunch as the hook embedded itself into the cornerstone of a nearby building. Kate used her momentum to swing in an arc and landed on the terrace of a business building, thankful that it was nighttime. No one really needed to see Batwoman landing on a building in broad daylight.

Or, for that matter, popping out into the middle of nowhere.

Which was something she didn't understand, but she was going to keep a very clear mind about it. Yes, this was out of the ordinary, but lately, a lot of things in her life had been. If this was something that had to do with the Religion of Crime, then she was going to start kicking ass and taking names. But until she had a confirmation one way or another, she needed more information.

Kate brought her hand up to her mask and tried to contact her father. There was nothing on the other end except for static.

Nothing to worry about. That could mean anything.

Because it could. Regardless, though, she needed answers, and the best way to do that was by finding a crime in process, taking the thug down, and thoroughly interrogating

Or, you know, running into a fellow hero, but what were the odds of that happening?

April 8th, 2011

If anyone is paying attention to the news these days, which they may well be, there's a new and recent press conference in Gotham.

"--billionare and Wayne Enterprises owner and majority share-holder Bruce Wayne announced his return to public life today, after spending the last year in a private convalescence after extensive injuries suffered during the crisis. He spoke with press at Wayne Tower in Gotham."

The camera cuts to Bruce Wayne, on crutches, surrounded by microphones.

"I'm very happy to be back in Gotham and returning to my involvement in the company that has done so much, not just for myself and my family, but for the public as well. I expect that the company will continue its charitable efforts to aid those in need after the crisis. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm still on doctor's orders to get as much rest as possible, so I won't be answering any further questions at this time."

Without further ado, and amidst a cacophony of shouted questions, he heads back into Wayne Tower.
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